Own Your Own Career

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A Business That Is A Career

What if your job, career, and your business were the same thing? By doing so, you will be able to unlock freedoms and income that employment does not offer. This approach to life gives you complete control over your career and daily life. Plus, your business is an asset that you fully control, meaning you decide the equipment, software, services, clientele, and even what you don’t want to do.

There are companies, like ours, that are always willing to do the work you dread. So, why do it all yourself? You need to focus on what you enjoy, because your happiness is what truly matters.

Working as a freelancer for other companies allows you to negotiate everything and increase your income. And best of all, you won’t be forced to do tasks that you don’t enjoy, since you decide what you do. Every. Single. Day.

Contractors/ Freelancers

Having the option to switch companies at the end of each contract can lead to a rapid increase in your income. As your business grows and generates more income, you will have more flexibility to control your workload and decide how much you want to work.

There are a lot of sites to get started doing freelance work, the issue is that they take massive percentages from your wages. We can work together, for you to generate the maximum amount of YOUR income. I encourage you to check them out, but it is hard to get ahead on these websites, as there are people who are “preferred”. It is hard to get to the point of being able to compete on these sites unless you are going to charge a tenth of their prices. To be really successful on these sites, you needed to start on the platforms a long time ago.

A very happy freelancer, enjoying the freedom that business ownership creates.

Starting And Running A Business

URA Business Inc. is a business that provides support to businesses aiming to grow or start. We offer comprehensive guidance from the very beginning, including these and other services by request:

Business Planning
  • Create a 5-year business plan
  • Identifying target markets (target person)
  • Identifying competition and plans to compete
  • Products or services to add and remove
  • Projections of when the business will become profitable
  • Acquisition of other businesses and assets
Online Presence

Project Management including:

  • Copywriting and content writing services
  • Developing social media account profiles
  • Create websites for your business, personal portfolios, blogs, and stores
  • Develop thumbnails/ covers of posts and stories
  • Google Business signup and creation
  • Attach domains to websites and redirect other domains to the website
  • Customized advertisement and email templates
  • Advertising management for advertising campaigns
  • Affiliate marketing
Financial Planning
  • Establishing solid financial plans
  • Managing tax preparation
  • Advertising and marketing budgets
  • Growth projections
  • Profit margin evaluation (with recommendations for price changes)
  • Evaluation of costs
  • Selecting a great business name
  • Developing a corporation
  • Managing corporate documentation
  • Negotiation with partners
  • Acquire permits for all levels of government
  • Domain brokering, and figuring out names alternative domain names- complete the purchase of said domains

We keep a small portfolio of domains, that are currently parked for advertising revenue, or redirect to our associated companies. All of our domains are listed at this domain: domainpresale.com

To purchase, rent, or lease these domains, please contact us.

Freelancer creating ads. A fantastic career choice.

Pricing for these services is determined on a per-request basis. There are instances where we need to educate ourselves on new laws from different regions, such as states, provinces, territories, or countries. These instances may add to the time of completion, but they will not increase pricing as a result. For services to manage your business’s advertising and marketing, click the button below!

The Benefit For Everyone In Society

A digital nomad getting to enjoy travelling, as they can work when they want to.

Hiring a freelancer or contractor can provide businesses with an effective way to track outsourced work. Unlike an employee, a freelancer or contractor can be hired on a project basis, making it easier to manage costs and track progress. This is one of the reasons why hiring freelancers or contractors can be advantageous for businesses. It allows them to set a budget and avoid the long-term commitment and expenses of hiring a full-time employee, such as worker’s compensation, holiday pay, benefits, travel expenses, accommodations, bonuses, training, uniforms, equipment, maintenance, commission, retirement matching, insurance, etcetera. This supports people that choose the career path of business ownership.

Supporting freelancers is better than supporting big businesses as they don’t have outrageous profit margins and work harder to make you happy.

Are you already a freelancer? Send us an example of some of your work and your LinkedIn profile link. Tell us why we should work with you on our projects. What is it that you can do for us? How can we help you? Also, if you are looking to get started, you can send us a message here!!! We will consider equity, services, products, premium domains, and all currencies as payment.

Or send us a message at [email protected]