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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We do not currently have a location. As we are small company and like to be a small company, it is not something we have plans to add right now. But, we will see!

We do work in and around Barrie for jobs that include photography, or analysis of a physical location, but majority of jobs can be exclusively done remotely.

I am in need of your services. Where can we arrange to do the work?

We can do jobs for businesses in Barrie and the surrounding areas, but most services can be done exclusively online.

What countries will you do business with?

If you need help as a business, do work B2B, or have any services that you provide through your business, you can do work with or for us.

What makes URA Business Inc. better than everyone else?

We don’t make a claim to be the best. In terms of business support though… we can’t be beat. Think about this, we openly outsource work to support people and businesses. This improves the economy and gives every person/ business to decide what the deserve for their work.

Every person has some talent that they might not be able to get out to the public, we are the solution to get it out there.

What does URA Business Inc. mean by “YOU Are A Business?”

It is in the name for a reason. We encourage everyone to start a business (mainly corporations) to gain fair pay and/or pay that they consider worth their time. Creating new opportunities to enjoy their lives and put a value on their time. You have a talent that gets underpaid or not even used at your current job, make your talent into a money-making and time-saving machine.

You have the right to decide when you can and/or feel like working. Sure there are deadlines for every job, but you can do your work any time of the day as you need to. Creating a business that is done remotely allows you to work at night, in the morning, only on weekends, etcetera. You can decide what you do every day.

What services do you provide?

We are open to providing any service that supports creating, maintaining, and managing businesses.

Why do I need your services?

You tell us. If you have a problem with your business, the most likely cause is lack of money and time. This is where we come in. As a business we support businesses that need assistance and don’t have a bunch of capital to put up. By utilizing a network of freelancers around the world, we allow YOU to keep your business afloat. We can stay a consistent client, but we want to make it so you don’t need us, unless it is for growing your business.

Also, if you have basically no money and want to get into business, we are the obvious choice. Make sure you contact us for an estimate.

Can you work within my budget?

Yes, within reason. Although we do things in a style that saves money for us and for you, we can’t lose money, as it makes no sense. So if you need a job done, we can do it within your budget, and if we can’t, it is because you want way too much for the price you are willing to pay. Just be reasonable.

As a business we need to earn what we are spending on all the delegated work, workers wages, and make enough for further expansion and investments. By us helping you, we work to help others… a win, win, win.

Do you work hourly, or a project basis?

We do work on a project basis. We don’t believe in hourly work, as companies waste time that way. By charging by the project, we ensure you will save money.

How do you save my business money?

We utilize other small businesses to spread the work out to people who are often not noticed, but also need work. These people are unproven, but often time if you are running a business you think you can do it as a career… obviously. This benefits these small businesses and yours. They make an honest living, gain experience, gain confidence, and grow their small businesses. As for you, we take the risk if their work is not at the quality they claim. Meaning less risk for you, less project management, and overall cheaper than our competition.

As a business, we obviously do the work ourselves too, but when the jobs are big, it is sometimes better to spread wealth. We ourselves hire these entrepreneurs to do work for our business directly, while we work on your projects. All of these decisions are made to ensure that we and you can be profitable this quarter.

What are your payment terms?

This is completely different for every job. We will be willing to charge less if you pay more upfront, but obviously not every business can do that.

What we will do is listen to what you need and determine the minimum we can take upfront.

We will not take 0% down EVER. For tiny jobs, we must take it all upfront to ensure we are not at a loss if we must take measures to claim balances owed on client’s accounts.

We can accept payment plans on remaining balances, which must be decided before any work begins.

I am unable to make the payment as promised, can I make a late payment?

Technically yes, but a 15% (annual rate) interest rate on late accounts will be charged and compounded monthly.

We will allow for late payments, but we must have consistent contact between our clients to ensure we will get paid. If you are late with your payment and don’t make any attempts to pay your debts, we will take measures to ensure all payments are claimed by our company.

How long until you can start and finish our project?

We aim to start a job within 48 hours after contracts are signed. If we need to outsource a portion of work, this can delay work completion, hence why we give completion date ranges and not exact deadlines.

How long does an estimate last on a project?

Typically, estimates for projects last 30 days. You will see the estimate expiration on the estimate we send to you.

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