A Career Can Be Owned- It’s Your Life

Let’s talk about your career and life. Maybe you work a job that you don’t like, or a job that is on your path to where you want to be, but is it what you want to do now? At URA Business Inc., we believe that everyone has the capability of doing what they want to do NOW. Wasting your life waiting for happiness is not what we should be doing. A career usually dictates how a person lives, whether financially or in terms of time.

What you want to do is available if you want it to be. How you may ask? Just start it yourself. People pay for almost everything, so if you want to sell insect taxidermy, be a professional cuddler, professional crier, or magnet fisher, you can. If you have your own business, you can decide what you do and what tasks you do for it. By doing so, you dictate how much money you earn based on effort and the value you provide.

Your career decisions need to be based on pleasure and finances. Those ideas are one in the same. When making purchasing decisions, you buy to find pleasure or a solution to your problems. Without your work being enjoyable, you end up spending more on trying to make life enjoyable.

Calculating finances and opportunity costs in your business and life.

So what does it mean to own a career? Well, it is owning a business that you are able to control fully, so you have full control over your life. This means that the career you make yourself, is able to create a more fulfilling life for you and your family. This is what we are working for at URA Business Inc.. Fulfillment is hard to create, but with the correct use of ones time, it is possible.

Life And Opportunity Costs

We at URA Business Inc. encourage businesses to put their time where they are most valuable. This concept is known as opportunity costs. If you are worth $100 an hour for services such as business consulting, you should not “waste” your time cut grass. Keep in mind that if you enjoy doing something, you should do it, if you have the time in your day. You also need to consider if you would rather spend your free time playing a board game with your family or cutting the grass. Every decision you make needs to be based on enjoyment or financials.

Click on this photo to get an understanding of the math behind opportunity costs. Please consider that you also decide the value of things you enjoy too. If you would rather spend time at a party for example, instead of massaging a client for $150, you decide that.

Calculate your opportunity costs.

Considering your life is short and moves fast, you need to optimize it. Every decision made is time lost or gained. When you buy others time, you save yours. Time is best spent doing what you love. We can assume that you don’t want to do the same thing over and over, so it would involve work and activities with friends and family.

What is most important in your life? By owning a business, owning a career, and owning your life, you decide your day to day. Ownership is your way to own your future. We can help you own it.